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Import LED Lights from China is easy and cheaper, can skip a local wholesaler or other middle steps.

Before you start your purchase, know these.

Find a supplier by Attend a LED Lighting trade fair to meet directly with Chinese LED Lights wholesalers and manufacturers. Such as the Famous Frankfurt LED Lighting trade fair, Hong Kong LED Lighting trade fair or Photonics West. A China Sourcing Lighting Fair takes place annually in the United States, offering buyers a up-close look at LED Lights, including LED Street Lights, LED Tunnel Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Strip Lights and Neon LED Strips, or new LED Lights models currently on offer from Chinese factories. This fair requires only your business card, printed with a company name, for admittance.

Find Chinese LED Lights Supplier from trade fair request a travel, also you can find professional websites for LED Lights which from China manufacturers on google. China LED Lights Suppliers would like to spent a good money to website design and ranking the LED Lights website on google, to show products pictures and specification. You can Enquiry to Chinese LED Lights Manufacturers directly on website, or find the email address and phone number on website to contact.

In your letter or email includes a request for specifications and pricing on LED Lights products you’ve selected.

What must be mentioned is that the per unit cost for making a small amount of LED Lights is usually much higher than that of a large quantity, because less units share all other costs except for parts and materials. This is the reverse of the economy of scale of mass production. The factories invested huge amounts to build a LED Lights factory and, more importantly, write the paychecks. Maintainance of assets is also a constant hole that sucks in cash. The factories also have to buy the parts and materials from the LED Lights material suppliers.

Remember, they actually lose not profit if the order is way below their MOQ. If you think that they are making profit out of your trial order or sample order, you are way mistaten. No factory will bother making so much effort for such insignificant gains. If they agree to make a sample or deliver a trial sample to you, they hope to establish further win-win relationship with you.

You can choose safe payment platform or banking system for your LED Lights Order, like paypal,escrow, credit cards, etc. But these paying platforms are used mostly in retail business and for sample orders only. Most of the sellers on B2B website are manufactories, accept the normal international payment methods for big quantity order, like wire transfer, Letter of Credit, which can lower the bank transfer cost. For example, Paypal charge 5% of total amount as Paypal fee, wire transfer charge USD$40 for Per transfer from Bank.

Also, DHL UPS or other express Shipping for Small LED Lights order very expensive, even it is door to door service take 4-8 days to your address and usually no taxes. Sea Shipping for big quantity will be more cost-performance but talk 30-50 days to get in your hand, also need pay taxes to your custom when you pick up your LED Lights package.

If you are aware of these crucial facts about the LED Lights production and international, and you sincerely are willing to take on your part of risk and responsibility alongside profit, to create a win-win situation, you may then start looking for your opportunities.