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20 Watt Solar Powered Flood Light

Item: Solar Powered Flood Light

Power: 20W

Luminous Flux:1200lm

Solar Board: 16V15W(350*350*25mm)

Battery: 7.4V /8000mA

Work Time: 10 Hours

Switch: Light Control


20 Watt Solar Powered Flood Light

How to Mounting Solar Powered Flood Light to a wall, roof or Sign?

1. Remove the mounting bracket from your Solar Powered Flood Light by taking out the two screws on the left and right sides of the main body. 2. Take the other two screws supplied with this product and install the mounting bracket onto a solid surface. Put the mounting bracket and the main body back together by using the two screws taken out in Step 1.

How to Mounting Solar Powered Flood Light to flagpole?

To mount on a flagpole, position the flagpole mounting bracket supplied against the flagpole and run the two supplied metal bands through the bracket as shown. *CAUTION: Do not tighten the metal bands until your Solar Flood Light is where you want it as they cannot be re-opened* Put the bracket up to the pole and close the metal bands around the pole, making sure the bands are pulled tight so the light is firmly secured.

How to Mounting Solar Powered Flood Light to wall or roof?

The solar panel can be mounted to a wall or roof, set on the ground, or attached directly to the light. 1. Use the two wood/sheet metal screws supplied to mount the solar panel onto a solid surface. You can adjust the angle of the solar panel by gently rotating it to a different locking position. Remember to mount the panel facing South, which will maximize the direct sunlight exposure.

How to Mounting Solar Powered Flood Light to the light?

You will find two bolts protruding from the body of the light. Line up these bolts with the two mounting holes on the bottom side of the trapezoid that makes up the mounting base of the solar panel. Push the solar panel base onto these bolts until it is against the surface of the light. Use the included lock-washers and nuts to tighten the solar panel in place

Once you have identified all parts, connect the solar panel to your Solar Powered Flood Light by plugging the 9 foot cord into the cord attached to the bottom of the Solar Flood Light. Firmly turn and twist the cords while pressing together for a tight connection.