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200 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

Item: RGB Flood Light

Power: 200w


IP Grade: IP65


200 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

200 Watt RGB LED Flood Light been application to advertising signs, architectural lighting, wide pan, tennis courts, car parks, stadiums, piers, parks, trees, decorative lighting indoor scenes, sculptures and other green lighting projects.

200 Watt RGB LED Flood Light is colorful, low power, long life, lamp compact, easy to hide or installation. No heat radiation, enabling protection of the illuminated objects.
200 Watt RGB LED Flood Light toughened clear glass cover, fully waterproof and resistant to all environmental factors, eco-friendly, no UV, IR, lead, mercury or air pollution, long life, light emitting time of up to 50,000 hours.

Installation RGB LED Flood Light
1, Fix flood light on the mounting pole or mounting surface through mounting bracket holes with screws directly.
2, After fixing product, you can adjust screws on both sides to adjust the projection angle of light body.
3, When install lighting, please close well to wiring and wiring point to prevent leakage.
4, When connect external power cord, please take the appropriate waterproof, leakage measures.
5, Please keep any fire regulations.