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240W LED Tunnel Light

Item: LED Tunnel Light

Power: 240w

Size: 304*538* 88.8mm

Weight: 6kg


240W LED Tunnel Light

240W LED Tunnel Light designed to be outstanding dustproof and waterproof by lamp body using die-casting aluminum alloy and tempered glass and core lamp using high brightness material. Lumin make every effort to perfect every details including the spare parts, improving our LED Tunnel Light to be safer, more reliable, energy-saving, longer lifespan and better applicable for public areas such as square, tunnel etc.

240W LED Tunnel Light Features

1.The led tunnel lights are new Modular Design,the light efficienty over 90lm/w.

2.Power supply box is external,easy to install and maintain.

3.Elegant apperance:black color for this LED tunnel lights.

4.Philips or Cree LEDs  used,light efficacy over 90lm/w.

5.Installation angle can be adjustable.

6.Safety: Won’t do harm to body with no harmful substances such as mercury and lead.

7.80% Energy-saving.

8.Beam angle: 30° / 60° / 90° / 30° X 70°/60°x90°/80°x140°

240W LED Tunel Light

240W LED Tunel Light