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24V UVC LED Strip Disinfection 254nm 265nm 275nm 280nm UV LED Sterilizing Strip


Item: UVC LED Strip Disinfection

Voltage: 24V

Power: 5-8mw per led

LED Chip: SMD3838


24V UVC LED Strip Disinfection 254nm 265nm 275nm 280nm UV LED Sterilizing Strip

LED type 3838 SMD
LED Quantity 30leds/m(Support customize)
Luminous Power/LED 80mA 6-8mW
Best Work Distance 1cm
Work Voltage 24V
Wavelength 250nm-260nm, 260nm-270nm, 270-280nm
Dimension (L )5000mm * ( W) 10mm
PCB Material  Copper
IP rating IP20, Also can customize IP65

Product Description

UVC 275nm Flexible LED Strip Light produced by SMD3838 30leds/m and 60leds/m; DCDC24V characteristics with high durability and long lifetime, even under difficult conditions. These flexible LED Strip Light can be achieved IP20, IP65 IP Rating, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Warnings and Handling Instrutions

UVC-LEDs is a invisible ultraviolet radiation when in operation, which may be harmful to eyes or skin, even for short periods. DO NOT look directly into the UV-LED during operation. Be sure that you and all persons in the vicinity wear adequate ” UVC ” Safety protection for eyes and skin. If you incorporate a UVC-LED into a product, be sure to provide WARNING labels.


275nm UVC LED Lighting Lights are often used in below applications:

1. Antibacterial Project

2. Medical Treatment

3. Wateproof Purification

4. Air Purification

5. Disinfect Water

6. Kill virus and bacterias

7. Destroy harmful micro-organism

8. Surface Sterlization

275nm LED Strip

275nm LED Strip


UVC LED is strong and powerful. It should be used out of sight. Do not lighting on them for a long time.

Otherwise, it may burn eye cornea . Also ,UV-C could damage gel, PC and linen.

  • UV LED: Using UltraViolet C radiation LED 3535 as light source, short-wave at 265~278nm, hard UV, germicidal light.Taiwan imported UVC LED chip, 10,000 hours lifespan.If you prefer LG chip, we can supply also. LG is a leader in UVC chip production.
  • Safe voltage:12pcs LED per meter, low voltage 12V/24V input for humen safety.
  • Dimmable:Support PWM, 0/1-10V, DALI and other dimming ways.
  • Flexible. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Applicable for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows.
  • Easy Installation:Install it with adhesive tape light on the back.
  • Application:

    Sterilize baby products,The medical sterilization,Water sterilization,Food is antibacterial and keeps fresh,
    Household products surface sterilization,Aquatic water purification sterilization,Home cleaning robot sterilizes,Air filtration sterilization,Toothbrush disinfection,Money detector,Phototherapy,Detection.

Knowledge about UVC LED , the wavelength ranges from 200nm to 280nm

While UVB radiation is widely recognized for its harmful effects on human skin and links to skin cancer, each of the UV bands (UVA, UVB and UVC) create different risks for humans.

Different wavelength UVA VS UVB VS UVC

UVA: from 320nm to 400nm

UVB: from 290nm to 320nm

UVC: from 200nm to 280nm

Germicidal UV LED strip lights 270-280nm,customizable ultraviolet 3535 flexible  or rigid light strip

Item  UV3838 LED Strip
LED Type  3838
Rated lifetime of LED (h)  50,000
LED Quantity (units/m)  30
Input Voltage (V)  24V DC
Frequency (Hz)  /
Driver Mode  Constant voltage
Certification  CE,RoHS
Color Temperature (K)  UVC 270-280nm
Dimmable Support PWM, 0/1-10V, DALI,and others.
Max.Wattage  5-8mw per led
Min. Cutting Unit (LEDs)  1 LEDs
Min. Cutting Length(mm)  166.67mm
Protection Rating  IP20
Ambient Temp.  -20℃ to +40℃ ( 25℃-best fit )
PCB  10mm wide, 2oz
Length per Roll  5m
Package Quantity  5m strip + ESD bag +label
Package G.W.(kg)  6.8
CBM  0.017
Warranty (years)  2


UVA is harmful to skin, UVB is risk to skin cancer, UVC can cause serious to skin, but we can not be touched by natural ultraviolet light, only by artificial ultraviolet light.

UVC radiation refers to wavelengths shorter than 280 nm. These wavelengths are entirely absorbed by our atmosphere and no natural UVC radiation reaches the surface of the earth.


UVC Effect on Skin

Acute (short-term) effects include redness or ulceration of the skin. At high levels of exposure, these burns can be serious. For chronic (long-term) exposures, there is also a cumulative risk, which depends on the amount of exposure during your lifetime. The long-term risk for large cumulative exposure includes premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.

UVC can damage the skin cell’s DNA structure ,rendering them incapable of reproduction.

UVC LED Strip Light

UVC LED Strip Light



254nm LED Strip

254nm LED Strip

270nm LED Strip

270nm LED Strip