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30 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

Item: RGB Flood Light

Power: 30w

Demission: 225*190*100mm

IP Grade: IP65

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30 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

RGB LED flood light come in a wide range of variety of structures and are very useful for events.

Contrasting and customary HPS or mercury flood lights, RGB flood lights are solid and financially savvy shading changing light installations for enlightenment and beautification of both inside and outside territories, which incorporate compositional divider washing, scene enrichment, flagpole brightening, sign/bulletin brightening, burrow, road, parking garage lighting.

RGB LED flood lights are intended to make settled or dynamic beautiful lighting impacts for flood, wash and emphasize lighting applications. This kind of lighting is principally utilized as a part of pixels or advanced strips. The procedure for the most part has a fundamental controller which creates the information and passes the information stream starting with one pixel then onto the next. The smaller scale controller on every pixel delivers the shading by differing the force of the red, green and blue LED in each RGB hubs.