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300W LED Tunnel Light

Item: LED Tunnel Light

Power: 300w

Size: 304*630* 88.8mm

Weight: 6kg


300W LED Tunnel Light

300w Led Tunnel Lights can Replace 800w HPS.



1 . Using stamping process. Produce very fast and high efficiency, so it can short the lead time of the production, can deliver the good to customer quick

2 .  Very good heat dissipation performance, the temperature is below then 50 degree

3 . The whole lamp use stamping process, so the lamp weight is very light, 300W only has 6.5kg, easy to take and install

4 . Assembing is also very easy, only need to screw the PCB on the lamp body, and cover the lens, then it is finish, everyday can produce a lot of this model of flood light

5 . The cost is very effective , compare with other flood light, it can save a lot of money, customer like it very much

6 . We have a lot of beam angle lens can choose, 15/25/40/60/90. 150*75/90*50/75*30 degree, can meet  different using at different place

7 . LED also has several options. Can use SMD 3030,  CREE3535 or ILAS

8 . Corrosion resistance , the whole lamp with the powder coating is brighter without fading and corrosion, suitable for harsh outdoor environment

9 . 3D heat dissipation. Professional thermal structure ,cross-ventilation design improving heat diddipation performace to long life time

10 . IP67.By using water-proof connector and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can achieve                 IP65,meeting the requirement for harsh,tough environment.

11 . The wide angle for adjustment of the bracket.can be up tp 315 degree

12. By using the most powerful and efficient flood light heatsink, the completed LED light cn work up to            50000 hours, save up to 80% energy,have better lighting characteristics than that of traditional metal        halide lamp of 800W