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30W Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Item: Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Power: 30w

Charge Time:6 Hours

Recharge Time: 8 Hours


Wholesale low price 30w led outdoor portable floodlights made in China


Item: Rechargeable LED Flood Light Power: 30w
Battery: 16.8V 12pcs 2200mAh CRI: 75
Luminous Flux: 80lm Per Watt Color Temp: Cool White&warm White
Charge Time: 6 Hours Work Time: 8 Hours
Size: 275*225-335mm Weight: 3kg
IP Grade: IP65 Port: ShenZhen

 Just about any individual who is acquainted with games that are played outside is acquainted with flood lights. Most flood lights are incandescent lights. Nonetheless, new innovation has now permitted LED flood lights to go onto the business sector. Generally as with utilizing any kind of LED light, there are various advantages for utilizing LED flood lights. Moreover, there are generally the same number of employments for these lights as there would be for a typical light. Utilized for settings both inside and out, the rechargeable LED flood lights can arrive in an assortment of sizes to address each issue.

  There are various utilizations for rechargeable LED flood lights.Some of these future interior. Exhibition halls are known not floodlights to highlight their pieces. There are a few focal points to galleries utilizing LED lights rather than halogen. In the first place, they are much more cost productive. This is basic among-st all LED lights. They create an astoundingly splendid light for a shockingly minimal effort. Second, they have a long life traverse and are solid. LED lights normally have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours instead of incandescent lamps that keep going for around 8,000 hours.