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3528 LED Strip Light 30 leds Per Meter

Item: 3528 LED Strip Light
Power: 4.8w/m
Chip: Sanan
IP Grade: IP20/IP65/IP68


3528 LED Strip Light 30 leds Per Meter

1-This flexible led tape is 10mm wide within 30 pcs cool white or warm white leds in a meter. Can customized 60pcs/120pcs/240pcs leds in a meter
2-Color white PCB, with grown color 3M tape attached
3-DC24V working voltage, and it’s cutable every 10cm ,there is a a cuting mark with
4-Soldering Pad , 12pcs LED in a set
5-5 meter in a reel which packed by a silver bag
6-The waterproof version coated by a silicon tube, wide :14mm
7-Both end of strip attached 3 pcs bare wire for powering, the cable in the middle is DC24V

3528 LED Strip Light 30 leds Per Meter Applications
1. Cove lighting
2. Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway
3. Backlight or edge lighting for signage
4. DIY lights for home use
5. Path and contour marking
6. Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition
7. Special light effect for art gallery and glass-made items