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50 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

Item: RGB Flood Light

Power: 50w

Demission: 285*235*140mm

IP Grade: IP65

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50 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

 RGB LED Flood Lights can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We include a few unique sorts, all with shifting light yields. One thing that our RGB flood lights highlight are single shading LEDs. They are colored LED Flood light which are changed to create the diverse hues.

RGB LED Flood Lights had been produced for outdoor lighting, with high brightness red, green, blue LEDs to accomplish a to a great degree high light yield, sufficiently capable powerfully brighten outside lighting applications.

In a series of lights or an individual flood light, the imbecilic lights require a controller too. In any case, rather than that controller conveying an information stream, the controller conveys voltage. That voltage is shifted through the type of Pulse Width Modulation or some different intends to change the power of the light. By shifting the power the 16.7 million distinct hues are created. Up until a couple of years back finding such RGB LED flood lights troublesome yet as the interest for it develops so the quantity of various styles has expanded.