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50W Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Item: Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Power: 50w

Charge Time: 8.5 Hours

Recharge Time: 5.5 Hours


Outdoor IP65 Rating Portable Rechargeable led floodlight 50w High Quality


Item: Protable LED Flood Light Power: 50w
Battery: 16.8V 16pcs 2200mAh CRI: 75
Luminous Flux: 80lm Per Watt Color Temp: Cool White&warm White
Charge Time: 8.5 Hours Work Time: 5.5 Hours
Size: 300*185*350mm Weight: 4.3kg
IP Grade: IP65 Port: ShenZhen


  Likewise, while it is still not prescribed to do as such, a LED knob can be dropped or misused somewhat more than a typical globule that breaks effectively. Another awesome element of rechargeable LED flood lights that is an advantage to indoor use is the way that they put out next to no warmth. Once more, utilizing the case of a gallery, the advantages are twofold; they save money on power themselves, as well as they keep the requirement for great atmosphere control down to a base.

  A portion of the all the more notable uses for this sort of lighting are outside. Numerous individuals have seen them be utilized to enlighten sports fields, football. These lights are generally vast and intense. Utilizing LED lights rather could spare cash and the bother of every now and again changing lights. Another utilization for them is in the development field. For undertakings that require enlightenment around evening time, flood lights can give that.

  LED lights for this utilization can come in two assortments, ones that are fueled by batteries and ones that should be connected to a force source. Battery force can for the most part give 8 hours of light and are normally rechargeable. There are numerous individuals who appreciate rechargeable LED flood lighting of their home, finishing, and so forth. Visit us to purchase rechargeable LED flood lights.