60W PCcooler LED Street Light
PCcooler LED Street Light60W PCcooler LED Street Light Demission

60W PCcooler LED Street Light

Item: PCcooler LED Street Light

LED Quantity: 54pcs

Warranty: 5 Years

Board Demission: 208*69.5*1.5mm

Product Description

60W PCcooler LED Street Light

60W PCcooler LED Street Light using SMD3030 chips, luminous efficiency up to 110LM/W; high quality AC85-265V Meanwell UL Driver, good heat dissipation heat sink, extending life of LEDS, professional flood lights thermal grease under the chip, let the heat run out quickly, professional waterproof glue to seal every hole, let our flood lights to be IP65/66/67 rated, toughened glass, hard enough and won’t be broken during transportation.

60W PCcooler LED Street Light offer lamps in warm, natural,pure and cool  white with colour temperatures measured in  Kelvin (K).

The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer  the light given by the LED:

  • Warm white = 2700K-3200K
  • Natural white = 4000K-4500K
  • Pure white = 5000K-5500K
  • Cool white = 6000K-6500K