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6W Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Item: Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Power: 6w

Charge Time: 5.5 Hour

Recharge Time: 12 Hour


Factory Cool White rechargeable led worklight 6W Outdoor LED sport Flood Light


Material: Aluminous Power: 6w
Voltage: 8.4V Battery: 4pcs*2200mAh
Work Time: 12 Hours Charge Time: 5.5 Hours
Size: 145*165*255mm Net Weight: 0.9kg
LED Chips: 6pcs IP Grade: IP65
Color Temperature: 2700-6500K Package Size: 59*40.5*32cm\18kg\12pcs
Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Red Light Range: 25m
Light Angle: 120 Warranty: 2 Years
Rechargeable LED Flood Light Features
1.High light efficiency imported LED chip, integration encapsulation, light source with high efficiency.
2.The floodlight use Lithium battery driver and it can be chargeable.
3.It can be used in outdoor activities lighting.
4.It need to turn off the light when the battery’s voltage is lower than setting voltage,or it will damage the battery.
5.It can work when using the DC12V input without connecting battery. It has two ways for the lighting.
6.Lithium battery charging indication-12.6V, 2200mA: when it is charging and the indicator is red, it is green color when full, no charge, indicator is not shine.
7. Lamp is equipped with discharge characteristic under voltage lock to prevent the LED in low pressure conditions from damaging the leds due to battery voltage recovery.