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Dimming Solar Powered Flood Light

Item: Solar Powered Flood Light

Power: 3W

LED Chips: 12pcs SMD2835

Solar Board: 6V3W(165*140mm)

Battery: 3.7V /2000mA

Function: Dimming


Dimming Solar Powered Flood Light

Solar Powered Flood Light have the ability to run anywhere in the range of 6 to 12 hours consistently, depending completely on the measure of daylight that they have been presented to amid the day, also can be control the output luminous flux.

The Dimming Solar Powered Flood Light with 4 modes luminous flux output control. Press 3 second for on/off, 50% luminous Flux output can work 14 Hours, 100% luminous Flux output can work 7 hours, SOS lighting can work 9 hours, signal lighting can wrok 12 hours. Both support Solar Power Charge and AC Charge, Solar Power need 8 hours and AC Charge need 4 Hours for full charge.

Full luminous Flux output is 220-270lm, also support 400-480lm if shorter work time.

If your garden has a great deal of trees or if there is constrained daylight separating through, this lighting will likely not work for you. With such substantial running limits, the solid point about any Solar Powered Flood Light is that amid the summers, it can run throughout the night. The main known downside would be amid the winters, wherein you shouldn’t anticipate that them will work to full limit.