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Plastic Rotomolding LED Furniture Garden Light Chair Bar Stool High Quality light table

Item: LED Table Chairs

Materials: Pure PE

IP Grade: IP65

Accessories: Remote Controller, Adapter


Plastic Rotomolding LED Furniture Garden Light Chair Bar Stool High Quality

Product Information

Brand Lind Light
Model LL-LTL-008
Material plastic
Design Customer’s Demand
Color Customer’s Demand
Mold Type Rotomolding production
Features Anti-corrosion,Shock proof
Size Customer’s Demand


led chair bar

led chair bar


It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, strong toughness, anti impact, acid and alkali resistant, and has overall shape, beautiful appearance and long service life.

It is applied to LED lighting: milky white, good light transmission, uniform light and beautiful lighting.


led furniture chair

led furniture chair

 Features of led light bar chairs:

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic material, suitable for long time delivery
2. Non toxic, safe for human healthy
3. Rechargeable battery and remote control
4. Multi-colors change & color selection
5. Anti UV & waterproof
6. Adopt the EPISTAR led chip to ensure the color quality and life time
7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, etc

led garden light chair

led garden light chair


1. For home: garden,swimming pool,home bar,bedroom,etc.
2. For party: birthday party,festival party,dancing party,wedding,
    corporation events,etc
3. For entertainment: bar,night club,KTV,Karaoke,disco,bistro,pub,
4. For catering: hotel,restaurant,tea house,coffee shop,etc.
led garden light chair

led garden light chair

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