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LED Linear Lighting: What is it?

An LED linear light, also known as an LED linear lamp, has a linear shape. LED linear lights provide Light-Emitting Diode (LED) illumination over a narrower area than conventional fixtures. The linear led luminaires usually have a longer length, which is installed on the exterior walls of buildings or embedded in walls.

In recent years, the demand for led linear lamps has increased. As aesthetics and technology improve, LED linear lighting systems move away from older, traditional housings, use better materials, and incorporate more advanced technology. In a wide range of applications, led linear tubes provide continuous illumination without any black spots.

In addition to the narrow aluminum housing, linear lights are specially designed for landscape lighting, and each pixel can achieve a gray scale change of 65536 grades. In addition to their easy installation, they can be used to display building facades, contour shape, interior and exterior surface decoration lighting, as well as small-range wall wash illumination.

LED Linear Light Advantages

The benefits of LED linear lights are numerous.

In terms of aesthetics, great performance alone is not enough; unique and eye-catching design is also crucial. LED linear lights from EXC have a unique aesthetic appearance as well as great lighting performance.

In terms of color temperature, led linear lamps are typically available in a wide range of colors, providing flexibility for lighting environments. For exterior wall corridors, city squares, roads and bridges, shopping malls, hotels, and other places, EXC linear LED lights are recommended. In addition to building outlines and decorating buildings, it has a wide range of uses.

LED linear lighting is extremely energy-efficient to operate and has a long life span due to its low energy consumption. Moreover, linear lighting can be installed on almost any ceiling type, such as linear led ceiling lights.

Wholesale LED linear light profiles are available from the LED linear light factory to suit a variety of lighting requirements. With high-quality products, perfect service, and a wealth of experience, you can expect excellent value for your money.

Lighting solutions based on LEDs

Increasingly, LED linear lights are being used in commercial, school, and even residential lighting.

Firstly, LED linear lights should provide background lighting in the space as general lighting. Lighting at this level should be distributed evenly and avoid glare.

The second type of lighting is task lighting, which is focused lighting. At an exhibition, linear LED tube lights are used for individual works.

Last but not least, accent lighting is primarily used to achieve aesthetic effects. For example, linear fixtures can be used to highlight the shape of a building or to create a sense of space in a room.

A professional manufacturer of indoor LED lights, specializing in interior lighting design, serving international architecture’s lighting needs.

Lighting and decoration are the main functions of indoor lamps

Besides adding new content to the monotonous top color, it can also set off the indoor atmosphere with color and brightness adjustments.

There are different kinds of indoor LED lights, such as LED linear lights, LED wall lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED chandelier lights, LED bed lamps, LED corridor lights, and integrated stair LED lights control systems.

Indoor led lights always come with a 3-5 year warranty and a good after-sales service.