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Using LED technology

a linear LED wall washer provides even illumination up and down the length of a wall, creating a smooth and uniform illumination effect. Usually installed on or very near walls or other vertical surfaces, it highlights the texture or architectural details of the wall.

Compared with traditional lighting

With multiple LED lights arranged in a linear pattern, the fixture covers the wall surface evenly. fixtures, linear LED wall washers are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and offer a longer lifespan. Both interior and exterior applications are common in commercial, hospitality, and residential settings.

Warm White LEDs coupled with a durable aluminum housing rated for wet locations make this family of lighting tools perfect for high impact illumination.

Wall washing accentuates an entrance, fireplace, or artwork by drawing attention to the wall. Matte surface walls reflect light, providing a soft, diffused light in a room. To maximize efficiency, paint walls white or light colors.

Linear LED lighting involves the use of many ‘Light-emitting diodes’ packaged together in a long, narrow housing. Lighting spaces has been revolutionized by this simple concept.

Linear and grazing wall washers are the two main types. A linear wall washer illuminates a large area evenly, while grazing fixtures create a spotlight effect. Lighting up large areas evenly and enhancing the architecture are some of the benefits of wall washers.

Lighting is mounted on the ceiling so that the beam of light falls at a wide angle on the wall. You can illuminate 8 to 9 feet of vertical wall space by installing ceiling lights at least 2.5 to 3 feet away from the wall.