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LED Neon Flex is a silicone-based product embedded with LEDs

That mimics glass neon This product can be used for interior and exterior applications to achieve a variety of visual effects, such as static light, one colour multiple colors, and dynamic movement.

This LED neon strip is perfect for creating modern, energy-efficient neon signs for buildings and interiors. The neon tube and led strip are separate, which makes the installation much easier. Cover led strip with silicone tube. On top of the led strip, you need to put epoxy AB glue if you want to make it waterproof. Once that is achieved, the waterproof rate can reach IP67.

Suitable for signage, channel letters, 3D letters, decoration lighting, shop fitting, and cabinets. a newly designed LED product for signage and outline lighting. Besides being soft and easy to bend, it is also easy to cut, anti-UV, waterproof, and dimmable.
There are many color options White/warm white/red/blue/green/yellow/pink/lemon yellow/ice blue/purple/orange.The LED quantity is 108 LEDs per meter
Rating: IP67 Waterproof
DC12V is the working voltage Angle of view: 120 degrees
The working temperature ranges from -40°F to 60°F It has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and can be used in the following.

Where can it be used?

Brighten up your home with DIY household lights for hallways stairs trails, and windows Decorate hotels clubs shopping malls festivals and performances with colorful lights lighting canopy and bridge edge lighting security lighting, and emergency lighting
Used extensively in backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting, and advertisement signs.

Suitable for automobile & airplane model decoration contour lighting or borders. In addition to being extremely soft, bendable-free, high transmission, silicone neon lights, fire-retardant silica gel, more flexible than PVC, easier to bend, can be folded 180 degrees, installation saving, and more light transmittance even for years to come. Silicone neon light, fire-retardant and flame retardant silica gel, not yellow, and will not harden even after years. Separated neon LED light strips and silicone for CNC users who make neon LED signs.