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The advertisement signboard has a wide range of applications and is used in almost all walks of life. The advertisement signboard includes large outdoor billboards, door advertising signboards (shop signboards), column anti-aircraft cannons, spray painting advertisements and so on.

There are also many kinds of advertising signs, basically are three types:

1. Flat signboard-including spray painting, engraving painting and hand painting, etc.

2. Three dimensional signboard-including carving, metal word, blister, etc.

3. Lighting signboards-including light boxes, neon lights, led signs, etc.

Spray painting signboard is the earliest type of signboard be used. The price of Spray painting signboard is low, but advertising effect is not as good as that of luminous signboard, so Spray painting signboard has been gradually eliminated, neon sign and LED sign appear in the market as a new trend.


Then what is the difference between neon sign and LED sign?

LED luminous signboard is the most rapidly developing type in recent years, coverage rate reaches 80% in large cities, all new shop signs and large outdoor roof billboards adapt led luminous signboard. The advantages of led luminous signboard are very outstanding, energy saving, environmental protection, durability, good advertising effect, windproof, waterproof and safe. LED Luminous Characters include: Stainless Steel Luminous Characters, Resin Luminous Characters, Acrylic Luminous Characters, Blister Luminous Characters, Light Box Luminous Characters and so on. LED Colorful Screen Signboards have become popular Recently-based on the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of aesthetic requirements, LED Colorful Screen Advertising Signboards becomes inevitable development trend.