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The installation of High voltage LED light is very simple, because 110V/220V LED Strip does not need external power transformer. High voltage led strip has built-in transformer, which can be directly connected to 110V/220V LED Strip Directly. The max connect length of high voltage led strip is 100 meters, but Light decay is high, service life is much shorter than Low voltage led strip.
Low voltage LED light strip have stable performance, good consistency, long service life, safe and free from electric shock. But 5V/12V/24V LED Strip can’t connect to 110V or 220V city power directly, need use LED Power supply to transfer 110V/220V City power to low voltage power for DC5V/12V/24V LED Strip. LED power supply are usually isolated transformers to reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents. But the Max connect length of low voltage led strip usually be 5 meters or 10 meters, we can customize 20 meters per roll for special customer request.
Users can make reasonable choices according to your own different use environments and light requirements.

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