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How about a whole set of 5M 5050 SMD RGB LEDs?

By using one of our LED strip light kits, you can transform a space with a customized lighting look without needing an electrician. LED strip light kits include everything you need to mount the strip, a driver to power it, and a plug-and-play cable.

With LED strip light kits, you can create a cost-effective, plug-and-play all-in-one lighting solution for your home or office. Among our LED strip light kits are Syndeo Plug and Play Strip Kits for LED furniture lighting and Daze Plug and Play RGB LED Strip Kits for bedroom and gaming setups.

You can create eye-catching lighting effects with LED strip light kits in a variety of colours. Choose from cool white, natural white, or RGB options to add a splash of backlit or accented lighting to your living or playroom. An LED driver and cabling are included in the kits.

why lighting is needed

Lighting is an important aspect of any space. It transforms a dim and dreary space into something warm and inviting. You can easily illuminate those hard-to-illuminate spaces with our flexible LED strip lights. These easy-to-install lighting solutions can be used under cabinets, on shelves, on stair rails, and anywhere else where extra illumination is needed. The LED operation is also low maintenance and long-lasting, so you can set it and forget it!

Over the lifetime of the LEDs, you will save money on energy bills.
To suit desired lighting levels, choose from spotless LED strip light kits, high brightness LED strip light kits with 120 LEDs per meter or low brightness LED strip light kits with 60 LEDs per meter.