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What is Extrusion Neon Flex?

Extrusion Neon Flex is not a simple neon tube and LED strip, but a machine-integrated extrusion production, a very low power consumption, a particularly bright LED that runs at a very low temperature, with even light distribution and brightness.

This new generation of Extrusion Neon LED Flex Light can replace traditional Neon lighting on roofs windows doors storefronts and carports.

How should it be used?

It can be used for bendable or angled patterns, as well as continuous rows. Cuttable and linkable as well. It can be cut along the cutting marks without damaging the rest of the strips. The LEDVV neon lights are reliable and high-intensity, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Led Neon Flex Rope Light 12V/24V Silicon Extrusion Series Extrusion LED neon series is a durable bright easy-to-use, cuttable and connectable LED product similar to rope lights but is designed for signage architectural lighting and commercial use. It is flexible enough to be shaped optionally. It has a uniform and soft light, with no light spots.

What are the things to pay attention to?

This silicon glue resists yellowing and heat, is acid and alkaline resistant, and is suitable for extremely harsh outdoor conditions.
Excellent flexibility in shaping.

No light spots, uniform and soft luminance.

A large, super-bright chip, a golden wire welded led holder, and a copper led holder ensure rapid heat dissipation, higher stability, and a longer life expectancy.

Leadless SMT (RoHS certified), smooth welding joint, firm connection between led and PCB.

6 x 12mm IP67 waterproof silicone neon flex light 120 LEDs per meter
Neon Flex Slim Extrusion is used in conjunction with LED Flex Slim. Double-anodized aluminium is used for the extrusion. Lighting is mostly used for interiors, particularly to illuminate cabinets, stairs, glass-cases, or as niche decorative lighting.

Double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets can be used to mount the extrusion. With the mounting brackets, mounting the extrusion to a desired surface is easy and secure.