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Benefits of Using Party Lights

These Party Event Lights are perfect for bars or event planners to use as lighted centerpieces. Since it is compatible with most bottles and cups, you can use it conveniently in pubs. With the Party Event Light, you will be able to see a wonderful rainbow color-changing effect.

The party event lights are pressure-controlled. When pressure is applied to it, it glows automatically. As soon as the pressure is released, it turns off. When you use them, they glow automatically.

Resources and information about party lighting

Lamps and centerpieces made from LEDs it is possible to find LED lamps in a variety of shapes styles LED colors and sizes. Batteries can be replaced on all lighted centerpieces.

You can reuse this fun event lighting many times. LED lamps have continuous color changing settings, while others have LED light settings that can match your event’s color scheme.

Our inventory includes fiber optic lamps, LED Cube lamps, Round lamps, and Star lamps, as well as Plasma Ball Lamps.

LED lighting for special applications

You can put your fingers on the ball and all the lighted currents will travel to where you touch if you are looking for something that adds that extra touch to LED party lighting. I love using this at school events or events with a science theme. With 23 bright LED lights, 13 different color settings, including color changing modes and the ability to fine-tune the color to exactly what you need, our large decor light is a great choice.

By using your remote control, you can get your light up party all set up and just arrive in time to turn it on. Our smaller version is also controlled by remote, but with a big advantage. Battery-operated decor lights are submersible.

LED Paper Lanterns, Luminary Bags & More,These luminary bags are lit up with LED tea lights and are perfect for illuminating pathways into your special event. Your luminary bags won’t catch fire if they get knocked over with LED battery operated tea lights! Take a look at our array of luminary bag cutouts.

These white LED paper lanterns are a pretty way to add extra accent LED lighting to your special event or deck when you have friends over. With our LED marker ball with ground spike or our 10″ glow stick with ground stake, you can light up the way into your party and ensure that your guests arrive safely.

LED lighting that is waterproof

LED and Glow Party Lighting Custom Printed,There are many uses for the submersible LED disc light and the large LED decor light with remote control

Both the Waterproof Decor Lights and the Large 23 LED Decor Lights are amazing portable lighting systems. They are perfect for crafts, tabletop centerpieces, bottle glorifiers at clubs and bars, pumpkins, hanging lanterns, luminary bags, and more. Submersible LED decor puck lights are 2 and 3/4″ wide and 7/8″ thick, so they can be used almost anywhere.

Since they’re waterproof, you can even put them inside a vase or ice bucket to light it up! It has 23 LED lights that are 6″ wide and 1 1/2″ thick, and it can add an amazing show of light to any centerpiece, or even be used for party accent lighting or display lighting. A USB cable is included for recharging