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Neon led flex light accessories

If you’re installing led flexible neon light strips, you’ll need the right accessories to ensure the installation goes smoothly and that the end result looks and functions as planned. led flexible neon lighting whether installing led standard neon lights, led mini neon, rgbww or rgb neon light strips. Connect neon power kits, joiners, jumper cables, and more. aluminum channels or mounting clips will hold your neon in place.

Led neon accessories that are flexible

The connectors:Led neon side bend strip lights can be easily installed with a variety of connectors.

offer jumper connectors in two different lengths (1′ and 8′) which are perfect for connecting two pieces of flexible led neon strip lights or for going around columns, hallways, or obstacles.

Please note that jumper connectors for rgb are only available for in-field soldering. As strip-to-power connectors are directional and can only be used on one end of the neon strip light, jumper connectors are required to connect two strips together.

Our power connector pairs provide safe power connections for outdoor installations. Two versions are available: Bottom feed, in which the wire sits perpendicular to the strip, and end feed, in which the wire sits aligned with the strip. Two spacers, one end cap, and one front cap are included with each connector.

nstallation and Precautions

brackets can be used to attach the lucidtm flexible led neon side bend strip lights to a surface using one of these three accessories: 10 plastic mounting clips and 10 screws are included in each package. For durable mounting, the strip lights simply snap onto each clip.

Mounting channels can be used for installation depending on the project. To give your project the finished look it deserves, we offer conventional mounting channels in 1-meter lengths that can be mounted on practically any flat surface. As well as acting as a heat sink, they protect your strip lights from dust and debris.

We also offer 10-meter reels of bendable mounting channel. You can adapt this channel to match the shape of the strip light by using it as a “spine”.Lucidtm flexible led neon side bend strip lights compatible.