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Cob led stripsfrequently asked questions

To determine if cob led strips are the best option for your project, you probably have some questions about them. Let’s find out!

Is the led strip with or without cob better?

With cob led strips, you will achieve a wraparound effect without the points of light being visible (ideal if you are working with reflective surfaces).

However, whatever you decide, be sure to check the quality of the material, since led strips come in all shapes and sizes,When you twist the strip to fit the space, a lower quality strip could break.

Is a cob led strip of good quality?

Three main characteristics should be considered:Strip thickness, There should be at least two layers, and preferably three.

As a result, you can be sure it will have more copper, and it will not overheat.

There is a tape,You should make sure that the tape is of a recognised brand and quality so that it will be well secured and will not break on impact.

Chip quality, In addition, they should be encapsulated in good condition.

COB stands for chip on board, meaning the strip is made up of several chips. In order to create the illusion of uniformity without revealing the “seams” of the different light sources, yellow phosphor is usually applied to led lights.

Providing maximum flexibility with versatile accessories:For quick and easy installation on any smooth surface, ledvance cob led strips come with adhesive tape on the back.

Lighting design and installation are enhanced by a wide selection of drivers, connectors, and profiles.

Features of the product:LED strip that is flexible and cuttable
Flux luminous: 1000 lm/m
Color rendering index cri: > 90
62.5 mm is the smallest cuttable unit
A wide range of color temperatures: from warm white to cool daylightWith the right drivers, it can be dimmed,With 512 leds per meter, the LED cob flex strips produce 1400 lumens/m of smooth continuous light emitting from 180 degrees,Wide viewing angles and a continuous stream of light make this a serious upgrade from flexible strip lights.

Our flexible cob led strip light series creates a seamless line of light. Flip-chip leds eliminate visible led dots (hot spots) in the new strip design.

All-new chip-on-board technology improves not only light quality, but also thermal management and flexibility. the smaller leds can be packed tighter and weigh much less than the bulkier leds, creating a strip that can work around the needs of your application.

the spotless output makes the cob led strips ideal for narrow applications like display cases and backlighting, or where reflective surfaces such as granite and tile are used.