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LED lit tables and bars provide venues with a diverse array of lighting

With 16 color changing options to match the mood or decor of the night. Luminous furniture creates a spectacular display, illuminating the bistro’s countertops and social lounge, creating an Instagram-worthy environment.

LED-lit tables and bars improve the ambience of any dimly lit venue and add entertainment value to lounge furniture. Luminous furniture is a powerful way to attract attention at public concerts, bars, nightclubs, or even a great way to spice up your backyard patio Our illuminated color changing beverage serving counters are designed with lockers, ice buckets, and compartments to serve drinks and handle cash on busy nights.

Lighted furniture creates a futuristic, upbeat aesthetic, transforming your venue from just another place for a night out to an iconic spot in town.

LEDs illuminate tables and bars such

as square high-top cocktail racks,ice cube seats and coffee tables with spill-resistant tops. These countertops are the perfect addition to any event space and are great hubs for group communication.

Create a free-standing island in the center of a dance floor, patio, or event to serve as a beacon of conversation among guests.

Our illuminated tables and bar tops include modular bar units with additional features including storage, ice trays and shelving. Pair a corner unit with a straight deck to build the system that best suits your venue.

The modular design of these illuminated tables and bars makes it simple to create a beverage centerpiece at a pop-up event or enhance the ambience of a nightclub or cocktail lounge.

Some illuminated tables and bars combined with seating are perfect for setting up a quick seating area or creating a memorable selfie station at a limited-time event.

Change the mood or atmosphere in seconds with the included remote. Perfect for backyard parties, special events, and club lounges, these table and chair sets are sure to be the centerpiece of your most memorable evenings.

Light up tables are available in square, curved and tall styles

Slim, stand-up cocktail models are available with an optional 3/8″ thick acrylic top, providing additional surface area for drinks, food, and more. Purpose-built backlit furniture is designed with ABS plastic to withstand inevitable drink spills.

Each with illuminated base The light tables are all powered by a plug-in power cord and a rechargeable battery that lasts 10 to 12 hours on a single charge.There are a variety of models to choose from.

Includes static, monochrome, flash, strobe, fade and smooth transitions between 16 colors.

Everything from strobe to tempo can be easily managed with the wireless remote, making it easy to slow down and set the mood for a romantic evening, or speed up to match the energy of a rave, club night, or live performance.

During the day, these white luminous tables stand out on their own merits, elegant and modern, perfect for everyday use even without lighting.