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The cool and comfortable swimming pool is indeed the right choice for the hot summer, but the sunlight is too strong during the day and the light is insufficient at night. What should we do?

Swimming pool lights are underwater lights to ensure the illumination of swimming pool at night. The swimming pool lights usually with small and exquisite appearance, adopts brand new anti-corrosion material, and the chassis is fixed by screws. Swimming pool lights are generally LED light sources, adopt transparent cover with extremely high light transmittance strength. LED is called the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, small volume, long service life and so on. It has strong ornamental and lighting functions by installed into swimming pool.

In addition to swimming pools, swimming pool bottom lights are also used for underwater lighting such as hot springs, fountains, landscape pools, massage pools, etc. It can not only be used for the lighting at the bottom of the pool, but also let the swimmer see the situation at the bottom of the pool. Also adding icing on the cake to the pool, and making the pool at night more colorful and beautiful, which can be said to be the best of both worlds.

When purchasing the swimming pool lamp, we need to consider the dustproof and waterproof grade identification. The waterproof grade of the swimming pool lamp should be IP68. IP20 usually be used indoor, IP65 usually be used outdoor, only IP68 can be application underwater.

It should not only be waterproof, but also prevent electric shock. The installation of swimming pool lamp must be strictly controlled under the safety voltage of human body under 36V (special transformer is required). Swimming pool lights are installed underwater in the swimming pool for lighting function. Therefore, its rated working voltage is generally very low, usually be 5V/12V/24V. We usually use power supply to ensure the working voltage of the external and internal circuits not exceed 24V.

Swimming Pool LED Strip | What type of lights are used in pools

Swimming Pool LED Strip

Underwater LED Strip Features:

1.IP 68 Waterproof:

Silicone resistant to salt spray,coupled with a reasonable waterproof design,even in the sea can work for a long time.

2.Non-Toxic and Environment-Friendly:
Use of addition-type silicone rubber,it’s different from the condensation-type silicone rubber,vulcanizing without volatile matter produced,non-toxic and environment-friendly after vulcanization.

3.Inflaming Retarding V-0:
Adhesive can be flame retardant,is currently the only flame retardant flexible LED light strip.

4.Resistant to Low Temperature -50°C:
In the environment not less than -50°C,non-hardening for led strip,flexibility have no any change,especially suitable for use in winter.

5.Resistant to High Temperature:
Silicone can long-term work in the 260°C environment,but due to tht characteristics of LED,the working environment is not higher than 80°C.

6.Resistant to Yellowing:
Non-Yellowing within 3 years for underwater use.

Mini LED floor recessed lights | What type of lights are used in pools

Mini LED floor recessed lights

Mini Underwater Recessed Light Features:

The Self-developed, private mold Mini Floor Recessed Spot Lights adopt 6063 aluminum for Light body material, adopt 304 stainless steel for surface ring, which has anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, never discolored. The surface of the main body can bear the pressure above 300KG, , and is really durable.

The protection grade IP68, not only can be application outdoor, but also can be used under one meter of water.

We use Epistar Chip LED for this Outdoor Buried inground Light, 12V 1watt, 90-100lm brightness, have rich color option such as amber light, warm white light, white light, cold white light, red, green, blue, RGB internal Control and so on.

The LED Step Deck Lights will be a good choice for  stair step indicator lighting, porch wall foot, Roads,  squares,  sidewalks,  gardens, swimming pools, Bridges and other outdoor Spaces. Also Support DIY designs, such as starlight effects.

Swimming Pool Light | What type of lights are used in pools

Swimming Pool Light

Underwater LED Lamp Features:

– High light transmittance tempered glass –

High brightness Led chip included: Bridgelux / Epistar / Cree / Citizen / Customized

– Stainless steel ( 201/304/316 ) body + screws

– Lighting rugged construction and rigorous manufacturing process technology, 100% weather-tight housing

– High corrosion resistance

– High heat dissipation

– Brand driver: Kegu / Lifud / DONE / Customized

– – Strong waterproof bolts


Finally, Let’s summarize how to choose the swimming pool lamp correctly.

1. Correlation between shell material and environment.

2. Penetration, structure and performance of lighting.

3. Power design, light color temperature, whether it is your ideal design effect.

4. Easy to install, conforming to IP68 standard, waterproof and electricity-proof, safe and stable, perfect after-sales service.