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How is the features High Voltage LED Strip Light features?

An entire LED strip is encased in a sealed silicone sleeve, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use,Flexible,continuous length of 164 feet (50m)ideal for wrapping around tall treesand columns.

Cuttable every 20 inches (0.5m) to fit various lengths,With 60 LEDs and 4W per meter, this light is energy-efficient,Low-maintenance LEDs for brilliant light.

This is a 120 volt AC high voltage strip (164 feet long). With an IP65 rating and a UV-resistant PVC jacket, it is ideal for outdoor lighting.

In comparison to old-style rope lights, this water-resistant strip is far more reliable and brighter.

As well as the pre-attached power rectifier cable, the following accessories are included:(150x) mounting clips (without screws)There are additional power cords and accessories available.

What are some notes?

The minimum bending radius is 5cm (2 inches).

The continuous length should not exceed 164 feet.

AC power rectifier (included) is required for use.

Before powering for a long period of time, unroll LED strip completely.

The LED strip must be isolated from unused wires.

Before cutting or permanently mounting the strip, test all components.

Connecting additional strips directly to the LED strip will not extend its length.
A silicone caulk or similar product should be used to seal any cuts made to the LED strip.