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How does Addressable Neon Flex work?

A neon light with an addressable IC allows you to control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs. The neon flex can be controlled in specific areas, which is why it is called “addressable”. Neon signs that are addressable are also referred to as digital neon signs pixel neon signs programmable neon signs, chasing neon signs magic neon signs, or dream colored neon signs.

Neon Flex Rope adds cool lighting effects for hallways, stairs, holiday lighting, and more! You will learn how to connect, power, and control an LED segment with an Arduino in this hookup guide.

One WS2811 IC controls six LEDs, which can be programmed using programmable controllers such as T-1000S, K1000C, etc., or controlled by APP controllers such as SP106E, SP105E, SP601E, SP107E, etc. You can also DIY the color effect you want, such as gradient, strobe, rainbow, gradient, breathing, and other dynamic effects.

What are its features and benefits?

Display with 256 brightness levels and full 24-bit color. A pixel can have its own color and brightness. There are 216 3838SMD LEDs in the 2M long strip, making it more uniform and beautiful. Any color or animation can be set for each LED pixel (6 LEDs per pixel).
feature :Anti-ultraviolet, anti-yellowing silicone material.Different shapes can be placed with excellent flexibility.A double-sided pcb, at least 2 ounces, with low dropouts.

Double extrusion body and machine extrusion end, IP67 waterproof.
Light-transmitting structure and material, 60 LED strips without dots.
This neon sign can be made from any colorful LED strip with an 8/10mm PCB
DIY cutting is possible, 12v can be cut every 3 lights, 24v can be cut every 6 lights.

Suitable for extreme outdoor environments due to its heat resistance and chemical resistance Featuring a large chip with ultra-high brightness, gold wire and copper lamp holders, faster heat dissipation and higher stability.

Each LED strip has a 3-pin JST-SM connector and split power/ground wires at both ends. With built-in IC, addressable neon LED flex can create millions of colors without a light pot.  This kind of DMX Neon Tube use the (flexible printed circuit board) to be assembly circuit boards, FPC is a soft material, has good conductivity, heat dissipation, bending, can be bent into any shape, can be random wound, suitable for advertising, decorative lighting, and a variety of patterns.