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The LED Neon Lights perform better than traditional LED Strip lights

A LED neon light with a silicone/PVC cover produces a beautiful light effect without the use of a light pot. Custom Neon Signs and LED Linear Lights are widely used in its application. Disposable extrusion molding and Neon Tube + LED Strip are the main technologies used for Neon LED Flex production.

Because disposable extrusion molding is more durable and high-quality we mainly use it.The neon tube + LED strip version is always available in a variety of sizes.

Neon vs LED what’s the difference?

While both conventional glass-based neon signs and LED light signs can be helpful, they offer different benefits. Due to their durable structure portable design, and lightweight body, LED lights are more popular today. While neon signs have a long-lasting and powerful beam, they are also more fragile and heavier. The cost of development and installation is also high.

Chips with LEDs

The neon lights have 108 LED chips per meter, which is quite high and provides a high lumen output. In these lights, 2835 chips have 2-3 times larger heat sinks than 3528 chips, which offers better heat dissipation. Because LED chip life decays more slowly, these lights last longer and shine brighter.

LED Neon Lights from offer new lighting capabilities. With a silicone-based housing, light is flexible and weatherproof. Thus, LED Neon lights offer an impressive solution for architectural lighting. Flexible circuit boards combined with advanced LED technology ensure maximum light output. These lights provide an energy-efficient solution that is easy to install.

Further, their longevity and low operating costs make them an excellent choice for linear lighting. Underwater applications are allowed by the IP68 rating. Kelvin colour temperatures range from a warm 2700K to a cool 5000K or anything in between. Cove lighting, retail displays, signs and building facades are some of the applications for which they can be used. Compared to traditional neon lights, LED neon lights have similar benefits without the drawbacks a great choice.

These all-purpose rope lights feature a durable anti-UV body and an IP65 rating. Keep these glue-waterproof lights away from direct water splashes and soakings. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor or outdoor, these lights are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and parties.

What ability?

Flexible LED neon lights are also known as LED neon rope lights or LED neon flex tubes. Unlike LED Strip lights, which are not flexible enough in many cases, they can be molded in many shapes.

Round LED Neon provides bright illumination in a compact housing. For the traditional “bubble” effect, a tough, rounded lens produces a 270 degree beam angle. Additionally, it is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for facade applications. With this LED Neon, you can also create curved lighting for any application.

It can be bent horizontally up to 80 millimetres to achieve curves alongside the lens. Mounting accessories such as self-locking tracks and clips can be used for straight or curved installations. Lighting can be installed from any angle (even upside down) with these secure options. Furthermore, it has an IP68 rating, which means it can be fully submerged to upgrade its underwater capabilities. You can connect up to 32 feet on one transformer or 65 feet with dual power.