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What is an ultra-long constant current ?

Ultra-long constant current (CC) led light strips, also called long-distance running led light strips, come in rolls of 50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, and 15 meters. There is only one end that needs to be connected to the power supply, and the brightness is the same at both ends.

It is common for ultra-long constant current light strips to have a thicker PCB, such as 3 to 4 ounces, and a constant current IC on the PCB or within the LED.

What are the benefits of ultra-long constant current light strips?

Looking for the longest LED strip light? During long-distance running, one end of the constant current LED light belt is connected to the power supply for 50 meters, and the other end to the power supply for 100 meters.

Constant current led strips solve the problem of uneven brightness at the beginning and end of the strip caused by voltage drop.

The maximum length of constant voltage 24Vdc led lights with single-ended power input is 5 meters. The pressure drop problem will occur if the distance is greater than 5 meters.

Constant voltage lamp strip wiring prevents voltage drop problems,LED light bar with constant current IC external,External IC constant current light strips can easily adjust the current, but the IC is relatively large, so the LED density is not as high, and the width is not as narrow as the built-in IC constant current light strips.

Constant Current LED StripsTop Reasons to Buy:Unit length up to 100m, constant current design,There is no drop in pressure,Each part of the light strip has a uniform brightness,Installation is easier with fewer drivers and less wiring,A stable working current, a durable and long-lasting product.

2835/5050 SMD LED, SDCM 90, proven high performance
120° beam angle, dimmable,Removable and cuttable,No color shift with IP65/UV protection.

Listed by CE, ROHS, UL, and ETL,LED light strip with IC built-in ultra-long constant current.

An ultra-long constant current light bar with an integrated IC,the IC is extremely small, built into the LED lamp bead, and does not occupy the LED lamp bead can be very dense, up to 300 pieces per meter; and the width can be very narrow,It can be up to 5mm wide.

The ultra-long constant current light strip with built-in IC only offers several fixed currents and does not support current adjustment.