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LED Light Up Flower Pot

Rechargeable LED Flower Pot, waterproof RGB LED Flower Pot wholesale,Browse Alibaba.com’s attractive led flower pot selection Houseplants thrive in these conditions.

Plastic PVC biodegradable materials clay fiberglass ceramic, and wood are some of the materials used to make led flower pots.

They are used to grow plants indoors to start seeds to transfer plants safely to a new location, and to grow tender plants in colder climates. The pots can be used for growing plants on the patio, indoors, or at the office.

Designed with attractive modern-looking led flower pots

Take advantage of the wholesale prices offered on this collection. Choosing the ones that allow air pruning will prolong the plants’ shelf life, increase the success of plant installations because the plants will establish quickly,encourage new roots to sprout, and prevent root circling.

These unique led flower pots are made with a variety of designs and materials. You can take advantage of attractive offers on biodegradable bamboo or coconut products. Stylish and eco-friendly, they help reduce carbon emissions. Nurture beautiful plants in your home with these eco-friendly products.

For a decorative flower garden, the collection includes pots in different colors that can be placed on a pallet.The collection also includes contemporary designs and LED flower pots. Maintain environmental responsibility while beautifying the living room or patio area.

An outdoor LED plastic planter’s features

Controlled remotely,With the remote control, you can choose and change 16 different colors of light, dim it to 5 levels, and apply four cool light transition effects.

A changing color:16 beautiful RGB colors and 4 lighting modes, perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. Different atmospheres are created by its multiple lighting effects.The device is portable and rechargeable,You can carry his tray around to bring the best light to your event. It is powered by a rechargeable internal battery that lasts between 6 and 12 hours.

Water-resistant and dust-proof Indoors and outdoors it can be used

There are a variety of applications for solar-illuminated planters For home use, such as the garden patio living room home bar.

Bars, nightclubs KTVs discos bistros pubs salons SPAs pools cabarets Catering such as hotels restaurants tea houses and coffee shops.

Events and parties such as birthdays dance parties festival decorations Christmas decorations and music performances Concerts weddings company events.