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Uses of floor lights that are stylish and unique

Floor lights create a mirage of heightened space that opens up a room. In addition to providing eye-level illumination, floor lamps balance out the brightness of wall-mounted and ceiling lights.

Often called a torch lamp or floor lamp.

A variety of LED floor lights are available, including arc lamps and table lamps. As LED floor lamps are standing lamps, they do not require wall mounting.

Standing LED lamps can be used to create an atmosphere in your reading corner or above a workspace in your living room.

There are different types of floor lamps that provide different types of lighting

The purpose of standing standard lamps is generally to benefit the entire room. In contrast, task lighting focuses light on a specific area, which is ideal for reading or writing. The ceiling is illuminated by uplighters, which help illuminate the entire room.

You can find floor lamps with dual light sources that can be switched on and off separately in our wide range. You’ll always have the right lighting for whatever you need.

What is the best place to place standing lamps?

Depending on the type of lamp you have and your lighting needs, you should place your floor lamp in the right place. A standing lamp designed for directional task lighting should be placed above or behind a sofa, armchair, or table. In this way, it doesn’t get in your way and provides the light you need.

Generally, up- and down-lighters should be placed in corners. In this way, the light reflects off the walls and spreads throughout the room. Remember that floor lamps can be easily moved around if you’re refurnishing or need them somewhere else.