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speakers with lights

can enjoy stunning light shows and excellent sound quality at the same time. They are perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings where your friends and family can listen to music while enjoying the LED spectacle. These speakers come with LED lights that cycle through multiple colors.

Furthermore, these LED speakers have acoustic drivers that deliver crystal clear sound quality with good volume, and can easily fill up a room or outdoor environment with rich music. They are also portable and come with a long-lasting battery life for continuous music playback.

Audio sources can be paired easily with the built-in speaker,Multiple Speaker Groups,White tuning: 2700K – 5000K, 90 CRI, Damp rated, Air-tight,Groups, Scenes, and Schedules in addition to ON/OFF, dimming, and white tuning.

There is no need for an internet connection bridge, or hub Ideal for new construction remodels, and retrofits in 5/6in housing.

A speaker with a pop of color

The LED+ Speaker add color to any space with just a touch of the remote (no app required). These are perfect for parties, holidays, creating the right mood, or simply adding a little color to your life. three brightness levels and a portable emergency light, this touch light is packed with features.

There are three color modes to choose from – warm white, bright white, and natural daylight – each controlled by a touch switch on top.

Additionally, the innovative lamp portion can be used as an emergency light. Pull the light off the speaker base and use it for 5 hours on the highest brightness to 30+ hours on the lowest brightness. Return to the base to charge the device. For late-night bathroom trips or emergency power outages.