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Neon Flex End Cap, Neon flex accessories


Item: NEON Led Flex End Cap


Neon Flex End Cap, Neon flex accessories


neon flex end cap

neon flex end cap 

Neon Flex is designed for garden, square, steps, booth, bridges, hotel, KTV, casino, trademark, logo, overpass, river fence, building external wall, the building outline, advertising light boxes, car decoration, sightseeing cruise, lighting signs, 3D light-emitting word, it also can be decorated curved lighting, embed the abutment and decorated lighting on the ceiling.

          1. Car decoration

·         2. Architectural decorative lighting

·         3. Auditorium walkway lighting

·         4. Concealed lighting

·         5. Backlighting for signage letters

·         6. Channel letter lighting

·         7. Emergency exit path lighting

·         8. Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting

·         9. Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting

We provide different type neon led flex accessories.