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2835 LED Strip Light Warm White

Item: 2835 LED Strip Light
Power: 14.4w/m
Chip: Sanan
IP Grade: IP20/IP65/IP68


2835 LED Strip Light Warm White

1. TOP SMD2835 chip, high brightness, wide beam angle, low decay.
2. Easy to install for any bending
3. Black/white/yellow FPC are optional.
4. DC12/24V drive, safe usage
5. Low power consumption, long life span, free maintenance
6. Certification: CE, RoHS, UL

Our 2835 LED Strip Light can support warm, natural, pure and cool white with color temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer the light given by the LED:

Warm white = 2700K-3200K
Natural white = 4000K-4500K
Pure white = 5500K-6500K
Cool white above 7000K

CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors.Higher CRI with higher cost. For our 5 Years Warranty LED Strip Lights ,the CRI is Higher than 80Ra.

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