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Ideal for making a certain place distinguish itself from others, high power LED lights are forever a better solution is comparison to the old and fragile traditional lamps, visit http://www.ledvv.com/products/led-street-lights/smd-led-street-light-led-street-lights/

The benefits include characteristics to their power, resistance and life time and, why not, even outside appearance.

LEDs are made with the help of a variety of semiconductors equipment, such as gallium arsenide, silicon, aluminum gallium arsenide, zinc selenide and diamond and several other element compounds. They arrive in different colors, orange, yellow, infrared, green, violet, purple, pink, and ultraviolet and, of course white created not by using filters, but by only emitting the light of the intended color.

High Power LED Flood Light | High Power LED lights a Special Way to Lighten Things Up

High Power LED Flood Light

High power LED lights, compared to normal ones, are able to emit thousands of lumens; they’re considered more stretchy than the original design because of their small power dissipation properties.

Being an improvement to the lighting efficiency, high power LED lights arrive in different shapes and colors, satisfying each design expectations one might have. The lack of mercury usage as a component of the bulb has the effect of reduced carbon dioxide emission, making them environmental friendly.

The system assures less power consumption, more than 60% as compared to traditional light bulbs and because of the long lifetime it has and the physical resistance.

high power LED lights preferred as lighting systems also thanks to their usability at different power ( from 85 to 265 VAC), the variety of lumens intensity, depending on their size, and the beam angels that arrive in different options ( 30,45,60 degree).

The special circuit layout, the good heat dissipation characteristic and long lifetime, along with the beautiful shapes and designs that they are given, create these sources of light a stylish choice for decorating and, at the similar time, completely illuminating any space one can think of.

With the working temperature below 60 degree Celsius, high power LED lights are safe, with low power consumption and no infrared and ultraviolet emissions; they’re simply to install, have fast starting system and not create the annoying taping sounds that traditional lamps do.

Giving an exact and powerful light beam, they are used for illuminating shop windows, office, counters, dining rooms or recreation super markets and even halls. They are frequently adopted for commercial lighting as well, as indoor ornaments, elevator lighting or in other same situations.

Shock resistant and beautifully designed, high power LED lights create the perfect selection as lighting source in place where certain things require to be distinguished from other, like jewelry stores, ca shows, expositions, clothing stores and so on.

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