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Cut LED Neon Flex

Locate the cutting mark on the side of the LED Neon Flex. This will be designated by a vertical dashed line. Using heavy-duty sheers or a utility knife, make an even cut through the LED Neon Flex exactly on the mark. If you are off the mark the product can be damaged.

It is imperative to use a very sharp cutting blade to make a straight cut. A sharp blade will help you avoid pulling the internal wires of the LED Neon Flex while making the cut. Stretching or pulling the wire may result in damaged or inoperable LED Neon Flex.

Connect the Power Pin

Position the LED Neon Flex so that as you look at the cut end the two exposed wires are located on your right hand side. (On Polar Neon V1, the wires are located on the bottom.) Using flat nosed pliers, position the power pin within the jaws of the pliers so that the sharp, barbed ends of the pin are facing outward.

Position the male power pin so that the ends of the pin line up with the centers of the two exposed wires on the cut face of the LED Neon Flex.

Holding the LED Neon Flex in one hand and the pliers in the other, push the power pin into the exposed wires of the LED Neon Flex with a steady amount of pressure until the clear plastic clip in the middle of the power pin meets the LED Neon Flex cut end.

Connect the Power Cord, Connectors and Jumpers

Using a heat gun, slightly warm the molde