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It’s popularity coupled with China’s rise as a manufacturing hub has led millions of individuals and businesses from across the globe to seek solace in the entity that is Alibaba. As with most online movements, there are a lot of good balanced out by bad experiences and a cursory search using the keyword ‘Alibaba scams’ would quickly get you acquainted with the struggles of sourcing out suppliers on Alibaba.

LED Flexible Ribbon Lighting Strip | How to find Good LED Light supplier from Alibaba

LED Flexible Ribbon Lighting Strip

Then How to Find Good Suppliers On Alibaba?


Because we are work in LED Lights area, so our top had change into How to Find Good LED Lights Supplier on Alibaba? Also please understand our website sharing https://ledvv.en.alibaba.com and http://www.ledvv.com


Following are all original Advice from an Alibaba Gold Supplier:


LED Lights Suppliers love Alibaba also hate them.


As a LED Lights buyer, you may don’t know that Alibaba had exactly charge a very high cost from LED Lights suppliers. But Alibaba is the biggest online platform in China, also do best promotion, so we have no choice to accept use Alibaba and pay high cost to be Gold Supplier.

This is the reason Alibaba had a wide range of LED Lights suppliers from China.

30cm LED Cube Seat | How to find Good LED Light supplier from Alibaba

30cm LED Cube Seat

However, Alibaba not satisfied with the B2B platform monopoly situation in China, they want more. So they created LED Lights Product Showcase which can get better rank than other LED Light products without showcase. Also sell per five showcase to LED Lights supplier in USD$2000 per year. This is a popular way to get more attention for LED Lights suppliers which happend many years ago…


Then the time of LED Lights showcase had passed, because another way to help LED Lights supplier to get more attention – also can help Alibaba to get more money had been promotion. This is pay-per-click. No matter how much money you had pay to your Alibaba account, they’ll been clicked. Wool comes from the sheep’s back. So promotion cost keep rise, LED Lights prices keep going higher. Pay nothing to per click will no chance to show in front page.


LED Lights factory have high operating cost, LED Lights trading company had got a chance to do better than LED Lights factory on Alibaba rank, just pay-per-click. Anyway, I don’t like Alibaba operating that, but not mean all are the LED Lights trading company on First one page, some LED Lights factory also try it, but unfair for good LED Lights supplier. Alibaba had extracted too much cash!


It still not enough. You know Alibaba trade Assurance? If LED Lights supplier use Alibaba trade Assurance can get better rank, but also request LED Lights supplier use Alibaba logistics. Many good LED Lights Supplier have VIP shipping account, the price of Alibaba logistics much more expensive.Meanwhile, Alibaba can charge high poundage from each deal, just like resell business do. If we are not use Alibaba trade assurance, you can’t find us from front page, too.


The better way to find good LED Lights supplier as below,

  1. Check more pages after search your keyword
  2. Use Alibaba RFQ
  3. Send inquires to different LED Lights  supplier regarding your target model
  4. Check LED Lights sample before order
  5. New supplier use Paypal or Alibaba assurance
  6. Come to China and visit LED Lights factories before order

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