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LED Strip lighting is the most popular type for pools because LED lights can be used for in-ground or above-ground pools and are energy efficient. They come in various colors, and since they’re so bright, you might only need a few IP68 LED Strip for adequate lighting.

LED strip lights are IP68 rated but still, they are protected by a layer of polycarbonate material. Before LED strip light is installed in the swimming pool, the pool is emptied. Afterward, a layer of strip light or any other LED lighting is installed.

The IP68 LED Strip Light is durable enough for all environments from poolside ambient lighting to exterior architectural lighting. This fully submersible strip light can withstand harsh elements such as sunlight and saltwater and is available in custom lengths up to 81.5 feet. The versatility and high quality of this strip light makes it great for large projects.

This Underwater LED Strip is 24V 10m/roll or 20m/roll,
Need work with Transformer together,
Can fix on the wall of swimming pool by Fix channel + Screws.
Can control the color change by RGB LED controller.
LED Strip Connect 24v | Underwater Waterproof LED Strip Swimming Pool Light RGB LED Strip IP68 Outdoor

LED Strip Connect 24v

IP68 LED Strip | Underwater Waterproof LED Strip Swimming Pool Light RGB LED Strip IP68 Outdoor

IP68 LED Strip

Waterproof LED Strip Lights feature a special plastic coating called an IP rated coating. This coating is designed to stop moisture from reaching the internal components and causing a short circuit.

The strip lights come with 3M tape, clips and glue, which can fix the strip well. Every 3 leds can be cut, easy to DIY according to your need. IP68 waterproof rating, can be used outdoor and underwater.

Our waterproof strip lights are completely encased in UV resistant silicone so they are fully submersible and will never yellow.

An appearance of an LED Strip is similar to a ribbon so it can also be named LED Ribbon. This can bend easily vertically and horizontally allowing you to follow any shape architecturally and allowing seamless, continuous light without any shadow. These features and benefits mean that LED strip is a versatile solution for many applications and can be used in retail, commercial and domestic projects.

Swimming Pool LED Strip | Underwater Waterproof LED Strip Swimming Pool Light RGB LED Strip IP68 Outdoor

Swimming Pool LED Strip

How to order LED Strip lighting

To find the most suitable LED Strip for a project, users should consider first the areas in which it will be installed;
– A dry area in the building where dust may accumulate, such as stairs or a ceiling.
– A humid area near air conditioning or trees.
– An outdoor area exposed to sunlight and rain.
– An area that has a chance of flooding, located near water or being installed   underwater.

Understanding IP ratings in LED Strip products

IP20 – Suitable for internal use, not waterproof. Can be wiped clean but the power must be turned off during cleaning.
IP65 – Can be exposed to rainwater but can’t immersed in water.
IP67 – Can be immersed in 15cm to 1m of water for a medium period of 30min
IP68 – Can immersed in water up to 4 metres but be aware at the connector point.